среда, 4 июня 2008 г.

The daily press and blogs

The Daily Press will cover Tuesday's election returns with a live blog and field video hosted by political reporter Ryan Orr.

The coverage will focus primarily on the races for 1st District supervisor and 36th state Assembly District. Orr's blog "Politically Speaking" will include up-to-the minute election results plus reaction from the candidates' victory parties.

Also for the first time ever, the blog will include election night video from the field.

"I will be blogging on the results and getting comments from the candidates," Orr said.

He will also field questions from the public as he talks with candidates and political insiders. "I will answer some of their questions if I can," said Orr, who has covered politics for the Daily Press for two years. "If people are having trouble at the polls, I want to hear about it."

On the blog, readers are currently commenting on what they look for in a candidate and reactions to the flood of political mailers.

More blogs will be added about how the candidates are feeling before the first results come in. Reader are encouraged to weigh in with their thoughts before during and after the results start to come in tonight.

To participate, go to www. VVDailyPres.com, click on "blogs," then click on "Politically Speaking." Or click on the link "Orr's Blog" on the right hand side of the online story.

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